Scott Krokoff

This song said everything I would like to say to my husband. We are celebrating our 2nd wedding Anniversary on 29th June this year - he was my first ever love. I met him at 16 and at the time I was too young for what life threw at us then but I'm happy to say 20 years later almost to the day we split up, we got back together and now we are happily married and your song sums up exactly how I feel about us so thank you

Scott Krokoff responded on 06/14/2015

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, and I am thrilled "Because Of You" sums up how you feel about your husband! When you write a song and put your heart and soul in it, there's nothing better than when random people whom you never met listen to it and relate to it. It's what makes songwriting least when you get it right haha. :) Wonderful feedback like this also frankly helps keep me going so thank you as well!

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